Humor me, and allow me to share a humbling parenting situation that happened just this morning. 

2nd semester report cards came home last week. Overall, they were very good, however, my 7th grader had 2 classes where her grade went down from an A to B. This morning, while wearing my diligent mother cap, I rattled off emails to both teachers requesting a conference to get on top of the slipping grades. I received a quick reply from the math teacher thanking me for my note but she wanted to make sure I had sent the note to the right teacher. 

The teacher went on to share my daughter is doing great and has successfully caught up from switching into the HONORS class at the beginning of the 2nd semester. She'd be happy to meet but there's not a lot to discuss. HMMMM. Might be time to get a grip. Here's a timely HBR article on perfectionism - pros and cons.