I’ve just attended a conference on sales productivity. The explicit intent was to explore learning, managing and leading sales people to be more productive. Yet, there was an undercurrent in nearly everything discussed: dealing with change, the pace of change and the fact that there seems to be no end in sight for change.

The author here looks at two very different populations: CEOs and school kids. The first group is generally scared to death of change, thinking their role is to uphold the status quo. Certainly not all CEOs think this way, but it’s prevalent none the less. The second group inherently recognizes that change is a constant, that the only thing permanent is impermanence. Kids seem to get this, maybe because they’ve grown up with change and they have had to deal with an unending stream of input.

The advice here goes beyond just accepting change. The suggestion is to learn how to stop thinking for a time, embrace the pace, the impermanence, and hopefully achieve some calm. We have to deal with change, but it doesn’t have to rule us.