Did you watch the Women's Soccer Team in the World Cup? I did, a great all-time Team! 

What did they teach me? Well, it's the power of 3. Alex Morgan, Rose Lavelle and Crystal Dunn.  

In a pivotal moment, as they were trying to stave of the Netherlands and close-out the win, these 3 players combined efforts on a devastating goal. Dunn steals the ball at mid-field, the Netherlands team is now on their heals, LaVelle sprints with the ball 30 yards like a dart, Morgan brings a key defender to the left, LaVelle goes through the seam and delivers a devastating shot to the far side.  

The goal-keeper had no chance. The game was sealed! Our Women's Soccer Team delivered once again.  

As you reflect on this link from Forbes - Appreciation, Strengths and Communication, think about the goals we can score through great teamwork and the power of 3.