Customers will often ask how PeopleScout is utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance its solution offering, and typically that conversation leads to discussions on ideal candidate profiles and how we teach our AI platform how to think more like the recruiter or hiring manager. In this instance, however, we're focusing in on the interactions that customer-facing personnel have with those who interact with your brand.

How often do you become frustrated when having a negative experience with a recruiter, customer service representative, financial associate or restaurant worker? In an era where these individuals serve as brand ambassadors, AI is using its powers for good to help make sure that we don't lose sight of the importance of great customer service. The tone of your voice, volume and the empathy you demonstrate to the person you are interacting with, among other attributes, all have an impact on your customer's experience.  

Now, this is not to say infer that people have necessarily lost touch with how to interact with other people. However, in using the ever-growing data set of insights retrieved through AI, one can learn how to better draw in customers to your brand, and across Talent Acquisition, we continue to preach on the candidate experience. Simplifying a candidate's selection process workflow continues to result in higher apply rates, increased conversion further along the process and ultimately, additional hires that your organization may not have made otherwise.