"Leslee, if you do nothing else, get the oil changed on schedule." That was my dad's solemn wisdom when I got my first car. I couldn't help but make that same analogy upon reading this article, as my experience has been that these three key components will almost always determine the success or failure of the change you're looking to drive (yes, pun intended).

1.  First, with so much change coming at us, it can be challenging to determine where to concentrate efforts. When it comes to delivering change communications, I always ask the question, "who do you receive an email from within your organization that causes you to stop what you're doing and read?" It's typically someone in the C-suite - people tend to pay attention to where their leaders pay attention.

2.  Next, the role of the PM/PMO has never been more important - these are the folks who specifically understand and have a close pulse on the best way to lead and deliver change, with a wealth of best practices and lessons learned. 'Nuff said.

3.  Finally, organizations that win with change embrace and champion it as a positive. They see it as a way to team up, collaborate and grow together...couldn't agree more.