So often, I hear organizations citing the need to enhance their technology stack in fear of falling behind the competition. We know the world is changing, but are we so frightened by emerging trends that we make decisions to implement new tools and technologies without understanding the impact on the rest of the business?

Within Talent Acquisition, this can apply to machine learning, artificial intelligence, digital interviewing, and other tools & technologies. Integrations can play a key role in understanding the impact on the rest of your business. If the goal is to shorten the length of time it takes for a task or part of a process to be completed by a worker or candidate, make sure that the technology plays nicely within your workflow. Otherwise, you may inadvertently add manual process steps just to enable the technology to work. 

Adoption rates continue to rise in regard to the way technology impacts our daily lives. We want our favorite local restaurant to deliver to us now, we want to be able to order and reorder products and services using our voice, and we're appalled when it takes more than two days for anything to be shipped.

Your candidates are shifting to have the same expectations. They want to know everything there is to know about the job before they choose to apply, the application process needs to be seamless, and the ability to move through the workflow without human interaction is a major plus. Apply today - start tomorrow? It's possible.