Like most things in life, when working remote, you get out what you put in – this goes true for direct reports, and those to whom they report.

Most go about this in a consistent manner, which is fine – but careful attention should be paid to balance perceptions between too little and too much. So, what can be done to maximize engagement?  

For starters, make sure the whole team has a part in keeping everyone connected – balance is key – from scheduling, to volunteering documentation where needed, to coming up with new and exciting topics the whole group can engage in – everyone should have a part.

As well, it’s important to stay connected on an individual basis as well – strive to use the 50/50 rule of ensuring business items that need to be attended to are covered off, while also keeping in touch with that individual as a whole – how are they feeling about their workload, capacity, support, and is there anything in the way? And how’s their son, daughter, significant other, etc. In other words, engage with the person, as well as the work,