We focus on generations a lot in recruitment. How do I attract Gen X? What incentives do I have for millennials (a ball room)? How am I going to pivot for Gen Z entering the workforce? However, what if we shift our mindset and throw everything we think we know out; focusing on attraction, recruitment and retention of the best person.

It's true, we are more similar than different. There are things that motivate us every day and wouldn't it be refreshing to sit in an interview and have someone listen to just the authentic you. Without any preconceived notions that you are millennial so you must be entitled or that you are a Gen X-er so you are going to be aloof coming into work. Maybe Google doesn’t have all the answers all the time.

It isn’t a new concept that having a diverse workforce is good for business, but it is important to understand what drives each of those employees to keep coming back to work day after day. Its starts day one at the interview to know their drivers. We need to think beyond the multi-generational marketing pictures of happy employees jumping in the air and let’s be honest the last thing I want to do in heels is jump. In our “onlyness”, we all bring something special to the table and it just takes one person to tap into it to achieve its full potential.