Relationships at work are critical to growth and success within a company. I truly agree with Harris, that just doing good work isn't going to get you noticed or promoted. Solid performance is an expectation of any job. To be recognized and considered for new opportunities, projects or promotions - you need internal advocacy. Having a leader within your organization that knows you, and is willing to share your strengths and promote your name within the company is critical. We can't build our personal brand within a company at all levels, without having others willing to speak up and speak out about you. 

The term 'mentor' gets used a lot with the newest generation entering the workforce. What I have noticed is that these individuals are not always looking for mentorship, but advocates. They have learned early in their careers that who you know has an impact on getting hired or promoted, and they are looking to build a network of advocates of time to help promote their personal brand. 

Taking the time to get to know your employees, or peers within your industry will give you the perspective to ensure you are advocating for the right people, and you are consistently calibrating your measure of success. It's important to make sure the names that are mentioned behind closed doors are done so because they are the best candidate for the job, not just that we like them as a person.