While ghosting is not necessarily a new phenomenon, it is rising in frequency among candidates in the U.S. and around the globe. With record low unemployment, candidates have more opportunities than ever before. With so many options available to them, it's truly a candidate's market. In some cases, this can lead to a an employee jumping to a new opportunity or a candidate turning down a potential job without the common courtesy of putting in the customary two weeks notice or letting employers know they are no longer interested in the job.

But, before we place all of the blame on candidates for their lack of communication, can we be sure that our own processes are candidate-centric, with frequent and timely communication updates on their status as they move throughout the hiring process?

The conversation around ghosting presents talent acquisition teams with the opportunity to reevaluate their processes to be sure that they are giving candidates the best experience possible. If we expect candidates to keep us informed, we should hold ourselves to the same standards.

A best-in-class candidate engagement and communication strategy will help employers stand out in today's competitive talent market.