Decompressing and adjusting to home life after a hard day at work can be difficult. Long commutes, disgruntled co-workers, overbearing bosses and just plain mental fatigue can contribute to you bringing anxiety home from the office. Here are few tips on how you can better transition from the office to your home:

Listen to music on your commute - Listening to a relaxing playlist or your favorite album can bring you inner peace through your inner-ear and help you relax as you head home from the office.

Stay Active – It can be easy to get in the door and flop down on the coach. However, exercising, spending time outside and interact with family and friends can help ground you at the end of a long day.  

Think positively – Dwelling on all of the things that went wrong or all of the upcoming projects you have can keep you in a constant state of stress. Instead, focus on victories at work, things that went well and things you are proud of. 

Don't bring work home - This isn’t always easy to do, but the more your home is a separate refuge from work, the easier time you'll have relaxing there.

Set limits - If you can’t fix an issue or crisis at work from home, then what’s the point in fretting about it? Instead, make sure you are aware of the issue and relax so that when you head into the office your mind is fresh and ready to tackle the issue.

Take PTO. Use your vacation days, take mini-breaks during the day, delegate responsibility and learn to say no if you're swamped. None of that is easy, but otherwise your work — and health — will suffer.