Today, we live in an age where everything from car manufacturing to supermarket checkouts is becoming increasingly automated. What this means is that AI and machines will begin assuming a lot of things tasks and roles both in our professional and private lives.

There are numerous benefits associated with automation. Automation will help businesses operate more efficiently, and many dangerous occupations humans have had to do will be done by robots, resulting in fewer people getting injured or potentially killed while performing their job. That being said, while it is definitely a good sign that tasks are becoming more automated, there are still fears that the robots and machine intelligences performing these jobs are going to end up putting real human beings out of work for good.

However, we shouldn’t fear automation. We should embrace and adapt to the changes and challenges brought on through automation as this excellent article points out. We would do well to remember that technology has ushered in a tremendous change in each epoch of human civilization. Some fear it, some welcome it, and over time, we all learn to adapt and adjust to the new world shaped by our technological advancements