90% of job seekers look for jobs on a mobile device. That means a few things.  

First, it means that those seeking jobs are doing so when they have a few spare moments. Gone are the days when job seekers sit at a laptop or desktop computer for several hours.

Second, it means there is an expectation that the process will be fast. Those who are using a mobile device (remember, 90%!) don't want to input their resume or job history, write a cover letter, or have to type a lot of answers. They're expecting simplicity.

That's disruptive for a lot of companies, but you don't have to gather every bit of information at the initial application. Get what you need to make an initial assessment, and once mutual interest is established, it's a lot easier to convince a candidate to provide what you need to satisfy your internal processes.  

If you approach your application process this way, it's making it a lot easier for those on a mobile device to finish the application. If you ask for more information after the completion of stages, you're leaving the mobile job seeker with the feeling of progress, which will make them far more likely to provide more information along the way.

Tools like Affinix enable you to do just that - make the experience right for the mobile job seeker, and you can still get the information you need when the time is right. Win-win.