Times have changed and information is readily available. If I want to buy a new laptop, I'll look at multiple reviews, ask friends for their opinions, look at the price, and all of this is available to me with a few clicks of the mouse.

There are a lot of similarities in today's recruiting world. I want to be excited when looking for a new opportunities. It's like buying that new laptop, there's an excitement to it! Like any savvy buyer, I'll do my research on a new job opportunity. I'll look at compensation and benefits, reviews from employees, location, industry, and anything that would raise an eyebrow.

As an employer, we want to do the most we can to keep candidates interested and moving along the recruiting process. The article points to the importance of  transparency regarding salary and benefits as that one of the main frustration points for candidates. Candidates pull out of the recruitment process for many reasons, but we should try our best as employers to keep them interested. You might lose the perfect hire without even knowing it. Below are some other statistics on why candidates drop out of the process; many of these things can be mitigated by any employer.

  • Employer announcing layoffs (44 percent)
  • A poor first interaction with a recruiter or hiring manager (40 percent)
  • Reading negative reviews from employees (35 percent)
  • Hearing about employee or leadership scandals (33 percent)
  • Reading negative news coverage about the company (32 percent)

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