I have been hearing a lot of strong opinions from our clients about the need for a Chatbot tool, and I think the appetite has been growing exponentially. 

We love the conversation because it's not just about wanting a Chatbot. Given the rate of growth we're talking about in terms of number of users engaging with a Chatbot tool, we all have to think about how a Chatbot is going to benefit us.  

It's as simple as answering basic questions about your organization, and as complex as advising candidates on which jobs may be a good fit for them or determining a user's level of frustration by the subtle changes in vocabulary they may use, and taking action to manage that.

Don't think about a Chatbot as a tool for basic transactions. It's an adviser, concierge, business partner, and consultant for both candidates and Talent Acquisition professionals. When you think about the possibilities like that, the options for how it can make you successful become much clearer.  

The growth is coming, don't be left behind!