In today's society, consumption of information and knowledge is at our fingertips. We can research a company in a few taps of the finger and can see everything from their good deeds to their dirty laundry.

When reading this article, I kept on thinking about a friend of mine who turned down job offer after job offer. She is very passionate about where she works and wears that brand proudly on her sleeve. It isn't just a job to her, it's part of her identity.

This made me realize the importance of having an employer brand that resonates with your employees. Not only do you achieve higher productivity and increase employer happiness, but you reduce turnover and decrease training costs. Creating that brand isn't always easy, but if done right, the benefits are truly amazing. 

As someone who loves data and analytics, the title of the article jumped out at me, but surprisingly it was the branding portion that I thought was really cool.

Have a read and let me know your thoughts.