Referrals, sourcing and job descriptions – without doubt, the cornerstones of recruiting; but, as the market continues to evolve, how are you calibrating these tools to optimize results?

How about asking your new hires for referrals a year into their job? A year in provides a completely different perspective, and adds a ton more input around who may be best-suited for open positions. Additionally, the year-in new hires now has valuable information around culture – no other factor helps drive success more.

And sourcing – where do your best potential candidates hang out when they’re not working?? Trust they’re being targeted in all the usual places.

Finally, job descriptions – who writes these in your organization? And, is it the same process every time? What about running them past an objective 3rd party – would it make sense to them, and are they intrigued by what they see?

Too often the fundamentals are simply overlooked and stale – which may cause your open position to remain…overlooked and stale.